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Already as early as 1740, Louis XV described Joseph Marie de Ségur Cabanac as the richest lord of the manor in his kingdom with « land ideally suited to producing nectar and diamonds ».

The considerable favour enjoyed by the wines of Bessan Ségur was such that a whole dynasty of aristocrats fell over each other to acquire the property.

A string of names such as the d’Augeard, Basterot, Vertamont, Saint Cyr Mortier and Werteimer successively found themselves at the head of Bessan Ségur, followed after the 2nd World War by Marcel Andron, the grandfather of the present owner.

For more than twenty years, Rémi Lacombe and his squad have devoted all their efforts and energy to the magnificence of this gem of the peninsula.

THEIR GOAL: the same excellence as in the 18th century, but with the addition of modern techniques.