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At Bessan Ségur, we feel we have a duty to contribute unobtrusively to the beauty of the site by finding the right balance with respect to the landscape, the people and the product.

Our forefathers had a highly developed sense of logic and observation. At the time, it did not go by the name of scientific organisation of labour although it very much corresponded to that science and often even to “bio design”.

We are strongly attached at Bessan Ségur to the excellent taste of the Age of Enlightenment. Our new constructions have therefore adopted the same architectural standards as the historic buildings. We have built their walls with the stones from our vineyards, as if they had sprung from our terroir. Joseph Marie de Ségur Cabanac had proceeded in exactly the same way. Brick slips, paving stones, ashlar, overhangs, dove-cotes, horse rings and dormer windows are all part of our architectural standards.

The exterior is turned towards history, the interior towards the future. We have integrated concepts as varied as the colours of the materials in the workplaces, the direction of openings in relation to the wind, the absence of steps, the positioning of built-in ventilation integrated in the decor or hidden behind roof timbers, maintaining a wide view over the vines from the vat room, etc.

At a time when the question of taste is wide open, growers have a duty to contribute to educating the palate, the awakening and astonishment of the senses and of course to the beauty of a village!

Bessan Ségur, La Gravette Lacombe, La Grange de Bessan all cultivate in their own way their pride in the historic reminders of their past.