This is characterised by a relentless drive for perfection in a wide range of fields such as:
  • A significant commitment to quality as from the vineyard with a number of strong points, with specialisation in the healthy condition of the grapes and date of harvesting.
tra-modern vinification and ageing facilities on the single site at Civrac Médoc covering over 2,600 m2 comprising:
  • Vats holding 9,000 hectolitres.
  • Temperature control during vinification.
  • Over 600 barrels renewed each year or by thirds.
  • An air-conditioned storage facility with a capacity of 800,000 bottles.
  • Ventilated premises for a healthy atmosphere.
  • Strict hygiene of premises and instruments

  • A development policy firmly geared to service :
    • Adoption of the EAN 128 standard
    • Impact and image studies
    • Maximum responsiveness to adaptation and specific customer demands.

    That gives the profile of an up-and-coming leader of the Médoc appellation with an annual production of 380,000 bottles, and four châteaux all offering perfect traceability.