La Gravette Lacombe was listed by Cocks and Feret as from the very first edition in 1850, and then as a Bourgeois Growth in 1893 and 1908. The 17th edition can boast of resting a Growth dating from the first!

The frosts of 1956 decimated the few acres of vines dating from just after the war. Marcel ANDRON courageously and lovingly undertook to plant new vines in this superb soil of fine gravel which produces in particular Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with an excellent ageing potential.

• Geographic position  
In the centre of the town of Lesparre-Médoc
• Area  
10 Ha 54
• Annual production  
60,000 to 80.000 bottles
• Planting density  
5,000 shoots per hectare
• Average age of the vineyard  
25 years
• Grape varieties  

60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 38% Merlot Noir, 2% Petit Verdot

• Pruning, cropping technique  

Double Guyot, 2 canes, alternate buds, successive manual sorting of the harvest, grassing if necessary, leaf removal, large area of foliage exposed to the light (15,000 m2 per hectare).

• Traceability  
Systematic recording of all ameliorators in the vineyard and cellars

- Château La Gravette Lacombe is in no way the second wine of Bessan Ségur! True, it benefits from all the technology and know-how of the latter. The harvests are traced and maintain all the typical features of the gravel soil of Lesparre.
- Successive manual sorting on the vine throughout the year;
- Last sorting very close to the harvest
- Picking off of grapes in the vineyard (and not de-stemming)
- Three automated levels of sorting plus one manual sorting
- Transfer of the harvest by conveyor belt (no screw)
- Temperature controlled stainless steel vats
- Long maceration, pneumatic pressing with gravity feed
Mechanical harvesting is an option for quality as part of a “technical approach »:
- Substantial and high quality harvesting potential (to draw maximum benefit from the good weather spells),
- Reasoning and logic of picking plot by plot.
- Analysis of ripeness using the method of Professor GLORIES.


- Ventilated, air-conditioned premises
- Systematic supervision of corks, bottles and the entire bottling operation (specifications, performance levels).
- Traceability: Systematic recording of all operations in the vat-room and cellars (standard 178/2002)
- EAN 128


- High storage capacity.
- Totally controlled temperature and humidity

Vignobles Lacombe • 2 Bessan • 33340 Civrac Médoc • France
Tel. 33 (0)5 56 41 56 91 • Fax 33 (0)5 56 41 59 06 • contact@vignobles-lacombe.com